Travel Insurance Questions Answered

Can I purchase this travel insurance online?

Yes. A travel insurance quote takes a few minutes, you can save a quote and retrieve it later or you can purchase your travel insurance online via our secure payment system.

How do I receive my travel insurance policy documents?

If you purchase travel insurance online we deliver them to your email instantly. Due to delays between computers and connections this could take longer, but in most instances you will have your policy documents in your in box within 15 minutes of purchase.

Do you cover people over 70 years old?

Yes we cover people up to the age of 99 years old.

Do you provide travel insurance cover for someone who is terminally ill with cancer?

We provide cover for over 5,000 medical conditions. We certainly do cover people with all ranges of cancer who are at different stages of treatment or are terminally ill. We cannot categorically say we can cover you. However please do undertake a travel insurance quote online and we recommend for terminally ill cover that you call our call centre on 0203 873 6718 Monday – Friday 9-5.30pm, Saturday 9-5pm (charges may apply).

Do you provide cover for heart conditions and Angina?

As above the answer is yes. Please complete a quote to find out the premium.

When is the call centre open?

Our UK call centre is open Monday – Friday 9-5.30pm, Saturday 9-5pm to purchase a policy. Please call 0203 873 6718 (charges may apply). However you can obtain a quote and purchase online 24 hours a day and 7 days a week.

I have bought travel Insurance and I do not need it anymore?

We provide a 14 day cooling off period, so if you take your policy out and realise that you do not need this any more, please call our call centre and they can arrange a refund for you.

Are you regulated?

Yes we are regulated and authorised by the Financial Conduct Authority, the FCA.

Why does travel insurance to the USA cost more than Europe?

This is because the healthcare system in the USA is private and very expensive. If you fall ill in the USA and need emergency assistance, it is very likely that the medical bill will be large and much larger than in most other worldwide destinations. Therefore insurance companies always charge higher premiums for travellers to the USA.

I live abroad for part of the year, can you cover me on a travel insurance policy?

Providing you are a UK citizen and do not reside abroad permanently we can arrange a travel insurance policy for you.

Call centre: 0203 873 6718 open Monday – Friday 9-5.30pm, Saturday 9-5pm (charges may apply)

Did you

That if you have a pre-existing medical condition and it is not declared you may not be covered for emergency treatment while on holiday or cancellation prior to your holiday. Many holiday makers are under insured and do not take out the correct travel insurance cover.

Over 65's
Travel Insurance

Have you tried to get travel insurance, but have been penalised for being over 65 years in age, or over 70 years old. In fact if you are over 75 years old you are probably struggling to get any travel insurance cover anywhere in the UK.

Medical Conditions

If you have a pre–existing medical condition you have probably found it hard to get travel insurance cover. In particular you have probably had to call several companies to give full details of your medical conditions.

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